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Printed text is the most utilized style of communication in the world, as well as my specialty.

Through my work with multiple agencies I have gained hands on experience with every step of the printing process from the original drafting and design to physical printing techniques (crop marks, bleeds, printing marks, etc.).

Below, are just a few examples of my previous work.

Business cards

An essential tool for any business! I’ve done business cards for diverse businesses on a range of papers (craft, card stock, cardboard etc.)
Business card
Business card Business card Business card Business card


Flyers are valuable marketing tools that combine print with in person interactions. I believe that good use of color and design work can enhance a flyer’s ability to engage your clients.
This is just a small sample of my flyer work. My full portfolio of flyers is available on request.
Newsletter SLOW 2016 Kukang
MiniMartiens click
Whitissime vjoint naumix cupron perfectha hellokitty sticker leaflets

Displays - Countertop & Floor

A useful accessory for businesses to highlight or exhibit their products, countertop and floor displays involve a unique design process.
I first create a 3D model digitally before sending the final project to the printers.
3D model
A few examples of displays of varying sizes that I’ve created over the past few years.