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Below are just a few examples of websites that I have designed. Website creation has not always been my main focus, however, I greatly enjoy working with HTML and have an open mind about new and developing techniques. Unfortunately, I cannot display my entire website portfolio as many of my previous projects are no longer online.

My own website, "Alex Designs"

The best place to start is of course, with my own website here!

I designed this website not just as an online portfolio, but also because I truly love to work with HTML. For this site I wanted a clean, classic look where information is easy to find and where objects load as quickly as possible on any type of browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

Design and development of Nocturama website


Nocturama’s website has been completly created with Wordpress.

Design and development of LVC website

Lima Veterinary Center

Showcase website in HTML/CSS. So far the site consists of only a few pages. This is a current ongoing project for a business that will open later this year. Keep checking back for updated versions!

Design and development of El Gaouli's website

El Gaouli

Showcase website entirely in HTML/CSS. The full site consists of 10 pages that I maintain regularly with monthly content updates.

Creation of Efficare Site

Efficare Institute’s website, completly created with Wordpress.